We offer you a turnkey, hassle-free, flexible service providing for machine run.

We are the most innovative and qualified servicing concern for the Trumac and Trutzschler Carding machines Errection

We also offer troubleshooting teams of debug technicians/repairers who can go into a customer’s facility and work on their bone pile of PCBs internally, turning inventory into sales. All services are available worldwide.

In line with JEDEC recommendations, we bake the PCB to a specified time and temperature before the controlled removal and de-soldering of all surface mount IC’s and modules.

De-manufacturing is usually from populated assemblies which are deemed Beyond Economical Repair (BER). Our equipment consists of both hot air and IR systems, designed to remove everything from small BGA (eg Cellular phones) to large Microprocessor BGA & QFP (eg Telecoms) This equipment allows a controlled and profiled removal, which will be processed and returned in an as new condition for use in SMT or Repair. If required, we will re-tin the leads.