Our services

Our services are unique, in that we can combine the debug service with a component recovery programme, which reduces the overall cost of the repaired unit.

We offers a quality driven rework and repair environment dedicated to meeting customer expectations on quality, cost and turnaround. We follow industry workmanship standard , and our skilled workforce, are trained and continually assessed by our own on-site trainers. We offer an alternative to costly investment in rework equipment, and a ‘turn on turn off’ solution to your rework requirements. We offers a fast turnaround and cost effective service for PCB Rework & Repair, Pad & Track Repair, Engineering Change Notices, Mis-Loads, PCB Assembly and Inspection.

We also offer troubleshooting teams of debug technicians/repairers who can go into a customer’s facility and work on their bone pile of PCBs internally, turning inventory into sales. All services are available worldwide. Skilled Contract Labour We offers a turnkey, hassle free, flexible service, providing a wide range of labour skills to deal with short term or long term staffing requirements.

We offer a fast and efficient turnaround on all types of ‘Special Repair’. Lifted Pads and Tracks, Solder Splashes on Gold Finger Tabs, Cracked and Missing Solder Resist, Barrel Replacement, including internal track linkage.